Electrode Storage Rack for 5 pH-electrodes

Electrode Storage Rack for 5 pH-electrodes
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Electrode Storage Rack
For the storage of pH electrodes. Being able to be brought in up to 5 pH laboratory electrodes into the glass vessels provided for it with special seal of PTFE/silicone in this rack.
So pH electrodes are always stored correctly uprightly and in the suitable electrolyte.

Electrode storage rack
Steel wire plastic-coated,
5 storage bottles with screw caps and PTFE/silicone seals,
250 ml 3 mol KCl-solution

Accessory of:

  • 100300040
    WinLab® redox combination electrode
  • 100300095
    WinLab® Digital pH electrode
  • 610300029
    WinLab® Standard combination electrode
  • 610300030
    WinLab pH/T30 combination combination electrode
  • 610300039
    WinLab® pH combination electrode
  • 610300060
    WinLab® pH combination electrode
  • 610300062
    WinLab® pH combination electrode