Hotplate-Stirrer e-G31HS04C 230V EU

Hotplate-Stirrer e-G31HS04C 230V EU
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Order-No.: 30680280 Price on request for 1 piece
Heizplatte Magnetrührer Guardian 3000, e-G31HS04C 230V EU Affordable Digital Hotplate Stirrers Designed for Safety, Powerful Stirring and Fast Heating
(-) Technical data:
Product type description: E-G31HS04C
Minimum rotation speed: 80 min-1
Maximum rotation speed: 1600 min-1
Maximum stirred volume recommended: 15 l
Power input: 550 W
Voltage supply: 230 V AC
Width: 250 mm
Depth: 330 mm
Height: 140 mm
EAN Code: 6973661826545
Material of hot plate: AAB733
Heating plate depth: 102 mm
Heating plate width: 102 mm
(-) Compliance information:
WEEE obligation: Yes
WEEE registration number: DE 95428589